About Us

AI Consumer Report is a demo website created by our leading experts to bring the most insightful overview of our courses to learners. Every student in our course can use this source code for free with License Agreement.

We use the open-source TensorFlow. It is an end-to-end open-source platform for machine learning. It has a comprehensive, flexible ecosystem of tools, libraries, and community resources that lets researchers push the state-of-the-art in ML, and developers easily build and deploy ML-powered applications.

If you used to visit our website, you might have heard about AI Consumer Report. To be more specific, AI is very well-known in the era of burgeoning digital technology. AI stands for Artificial Intelligence which is intelligence demonstrated by machines. Thanks to AI, human life becomes more accessible than ever with the help of modern technology. Our experts have spent years studying and experimenting with AI in an attempt to create the most helpful searching tool for consumers nowadays. As a result, AI Consumer Report was born. 

With AI Consumer Report, we can ensure that nowhere but our website can you find a website supplying you with such an amount of information of goods you are looking for in terms of price comparisons, models, suggestions, and even reviews. Our tool will crawl millions of pieces of information to bring you the most updated news about deals and products on the market.

 You will have the most interesting buying experience when using our tools. The highlight of this tool is that you can access a massive source of data from consumer reports; in other words, you can see numerous reviews from the consumers who will evaluate the products you are considering, helping you make a purchase more easily.

AI Score

AI Score is a ranking system developed by our team of experts. It from 0 to 10 are automatically scored by our AI Consumer Report tool based upon the data collected. This score has no relationship or impact from any manufacturer or sales agent websites.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.